Millwright Services

With combined decades of experience in dismantling and reassembly of complex industrial machinery, our millwrights are more than qualified to assist you in tear-downs for inspections or prior to shipping components out for repair as well as getting everything put back together and running again once the repairs are complete. The knowledge, experience and work ethic our millwrights embody give us the edge when it comes to getting your projects done on time and within budget, getting your production back up in as little time as possible.

Welding & Brazing

Welding, whether it's to repair cracks in a flywheel or to rebuild a crankshaft that's been broken in two, is the bedrock of our company. Professional, thorough and highly skilled, our welders are capable of some amazing repairs. We'll tackle welding repair jobs a lot of our competitors won't touch.


We have the equipment to machine the biggest cranks, the heaviest beds, the most complex of tooling. Our technicians are highly trained and dedicated to producing perfection every time we clamp in another client's components. From lathes to mills, we've got the tooling to make every repair a success.


From finding every hairline crack in the used and abused parts we receive to finding innovative ways to improve longevity and serviceability, our engineering team can take your press back to original manufacturer's specifications and beyond. Trust our engineers to find the right solutions to your equipment's issues and deliver back a press you can count on for years to come.

Emergency Repairs

Old Murphy loves to rear his ugly head when you need your equipment the most. We excel at expedited repairs and getting your company back up to full steam is what we live for. We have the capability to go to around the clock hours to get your repair done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality or workmanship.


When things go wrong, whether it's just something not "feeling right" or a sound that's "off" or even a visible failure everyone can see, what's on the surface might not be all the issues a press has. Diagnosing problems and helping you understand the repairs that will be needed is part of our inspection service. Our engineers and millwrights can help you figure out what's going on so you can make a better decision on what level of repairs are necessary to keep your business running.


We can help you get stuff ready to ship to our facility for repairs. Everything from complete presses to all the pieces parts that go into one can be shipped on one of our trucks or on another carrier. We can help you find the most cost effective way to ship your components and then get them back to you once they're shiny and new again.